HED JET DISC Wheels - Rim &Disc Brake

HED JET DISC Wheels - Rim &Disc Brake

HED Jet DIsc Wheel - Rim or Disc Brake 


When all Out Speed Is Required The Jet Plus Disc wheel is for occasions when all out speed is required. A fully sculpted carbon profile encases a "skeletal" wheel ensuring an optimum blend of aerodynamics and efficiency. The carbon skin shape laid over a traditional spoked alloy wheel to create a seconds-shaving time-trial option that still rides like a normal wheel. This format uses a 25mm external and 21mm internal platform that widens the rim-to-tyre interface. This helps the tyre reside on the rim with a much superior cross sectional profile and further enhances tyre sidewall stability. Also this morphs the tyre-to-track contact patch into a shorter but wider impression resulting in lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip. The improved tyre cross sectional profile then increases the internal tyre volume which in turn grants the possibility of much lower tyre pressures. This results in much improved comfort levels, even across rougher roads without an increase of dreaded rolling resistance.

  • Weight

    Jet Disc Rear 1,268 g

    Jet Disc Brake Disc 1,272 g


  • Features

    • HED Jet Disc Plus Rear 700x25mm Rim Brake

    • Rim Type: Tubeless-Ready Clincher

    • Rim Depth: Full Disc

    • Rim Width: 25mm

    • Internal Rim Width: 21mm

     • Wheel Weight: 1,350g • Recommended Tyre Size: 22mm +

    • Max Recommended Tyre Pressure: 90psi Clincher / 80psi Tubeless

    • Rider Weight: Standard: <110kg What’s Included

    • Valve Patches x 2

    • HED Owners Manual

    • Titanium quick release skewer

    • Tubeless-Ready Rim Tape